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GPS Location & Timing Ltd (GLT) has been a leading provider of tracking hardware devices for over 10 years. But, please don’t look at us as “just another Distributor”. Over that time we have accumulated a wealth of expertise and contacts in the Vehicle and Asset Tracking marketplace throughout the UK, Europe and Africa.

If you need advice on how to solve your tracking requirement get in touch with GLT – our cooperative, partnering approach, backed by thorough product knowledge, could save you hours of costly research and development.

We are now delighted to be supporting the CalAmp range of Fleet & Tracking devices, which we firmly believe to be unparalleled in this Industry in their range of capabilities, applications and interfaces.

We can also help you with your Personal Tracking / Lone Worker applications with our new SOLUS GPS mobile phone device.

To find out more get in touch with GLT – we really are here to help you!

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CalAmp Flexibility

All LMUs feature CalAmp's industry leading advanced on-board alert engine that monitors vehicle conditions giving you the most flexible tracking device in its class. The PEG™ (Programmable Event Generator) application supports hundreds of customized exception-based rules to help meet customers' dynamic requirements. Customers can modify the behaviour of the device to meet with range of applications pre-programmed before shipment or in the field. Combining affordability and device intelligence with your unique application can give you distinct advantages over your competition.

Messages are transported across the GSM/GPRS network using enhanced UDP or SMS messaging providing a reliable communications link between the device and your application servers.

All LMUs incorporate internal Vin monitoring as standard


CalAmp Over-the-Air Serviceability 

PULS LogoAll LMUs incorporate CalAmp's industry leading over-the-air device management and maintenance software, PULS™ (Programming, Update and Logistics System). Configuration parameters, PEG™ scripts, and firmware can all be updated over the air. PULS™ offers out-of-the-box, hands-free configuration and automatic post-installation upgrades. You can also monitor unit health status across your customers' fleets to quickly identify issues before they become expensive problems.